Monday, February 23, 2009

ANOTHER UPDATE AFTER A million billion trillion years

guess who's back..
yes its me...
i'm sure no one has been visiting my blog..
but because i have pictures, i just felt like blogging...

a week before..
some inter-class competition we had to do about countries..

my class chose to do ITALY!

me and my creation, The Leaning Tower Of Pisa me showing my belly to you.. (= me the BOSS, instructing my models what to do.. so called "models" >.<third place.. sad shit..

then saturday, party at lun's place..
finally get to see them besties again after a million billion trillion years...
both of us had to cook for everyone.. chun lehh..i only remembered the "sakai" here kacau me, and hahaa... she kena balikwine and poker chips... has my name all over it.. the "sakai" and the cowboy in the sakai's hoodie
the cowboy winning money, hence the wide benedict smile..
is that me.?? i bet its kapohs leg lorhh... am i right.?? my hands look freaking scary-ing thin..

TA-DAA.. thats all for maybe this month and next.. visit this blog on 23/03/09
cheerrrrssss (=

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