Friday, December 5, 2008


F.I.R. was not bad.?? i'm not a chinese music addict and in addition to that i'm no good in chinese, but but most of the songs they sang that day, i heard aleast once before.. BUY express tickets for the bloody theme park at genting, the girls were suppose to catch the 11o'clock bus but they missed it.? then they missed the 12.00o'clock bus.. damn -.- and see they wasted 2 hours.. back to the express tickets, buy them, its worth it, its only 10~20 bucks more than the norm tics.. spent 5 hours for 3 rides.. pathetic.. after the rides, rushed for the concert and had a "walking dinner".. dad was waiting at the entrance with the tickets.. went in, listened, went out.. after the concert, went to the cafe to meet them.. then habis cerita..

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alicia yuen said...

pimp yo'!! hahaha. so many girls around! woooooo