Tuesday, August 19, 2008

16 August 2008

party party party..

fun but "ma fun"(if u make it at your condo, where the residents complain if u got a dj spinning all night in the hall, complain if ppl swim and make noise on a weekend night, complain that their children need to sleep at 9..??,and u need to cater, get drinks and more stuff lah.. damn ma fan) .. LOL

so to make it fun and not ma fun, make it in a place where there is a place where they serve food, drinks, and ppl where ppl serve you and not you serving them.. lol... then it wont be ma fan at all..

so next time you plan to make your party as easy and simple, make it at SOUL'ed OUT.. but dont be a dog and follow me lah.. =p

all we did there was talk, eat, watch football, take photos and sing songs.. nothing much to shout bout, but i hope u guys had fun.. wasn't being much of a host that night.. not my fault, blame it on 7 hours of futsal in school.. but its worth it, got second for inter-class and now in the finals for the club and opens.. we better win.. lol..

gay dude tryna pull my undies..

putting my undies back..

this dude here is a blardy con artist man.. he bluffed my ass that he wasnt coming.. but he came, how could he miss my party lah.. he's like the "best man"..

cool ppl have cool noses like ours..

loser man, i tell you LOSER.. >.<

seriously it was hard..

lays stealer.. +pmaking our wishes..

kiss my ass "sayanara"

of to breakers.. after dont know how many rounds of playing pool on the slot pool table, i went home.. curfew lah dey, after all i've done, couldn't ask for more.. thanks mum and dad.. love ya guys lots..

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