Monday, August 25, 2008


simsons sweet sixteen..

got through hell alot to make the bloody birthday boy happy..

the list of things that happened:
1)called my grandmum to come down to my house to take care of my bro
2)me and my mum screwed the bloody baker kao kao, cause they baked what i specificly told them not to bake.. forced them to give me back my deposit.. nyahahaa.. my mum rocks man!! in your bloody face lousy cake house..
3)walk around one utama, to buy marshmellow(however you spell it), buy simsons birthday cake, and buy simsons birthday present..
4)and lots lots more..
got through hell alot to make the bloody birthday boy happy..

appreciate me as your borther man i tell u.. HAHAA.. circle of fun filled with gas and liquer..

jackpot.. you hit the gas!!

rockon!! hahaa.. he got 18 not 8.. you lose..
so its your turn.. loserr!!
NEXT UP, pillow fight.. whack whack whack.. non-stop.. hahaa.. yi jzen kena hoibao, wengonn got punched in the face.. LOL..
sleepers.. posers..high roller pukul 10 baru datang.. POKER ALERT!!
all looking at...
ME.. "trashing" who.?? i dont remember myself.. haha..picture of the party.. hahahaaa..
suwei's face, priceless??, classic??, NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE IT..!!!

birthday cake for the fella..

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