Monday, July 21, 2008

saturdays and sundays are always fun

saturday 12, july 2008
went to some "coffee bean" learn how to drink and taste coffee session.. that was the worst shit i've been to.. i thought we could like play with they're machines and make our own coffee, but no, we had to sit outside and listen to "marissa?" have way through the "learning process" beh tahan, went to secret recipe where there was air-cond, to eat my breakfast.. choco. indulgence, yumm.. after that went mid played pool then back at home i was.. oh yeah, and i got screwed by my mum and i didnt get to go for the schools H&G concert thingy..

sunday 13, july 2008
cheer 'o8, makan-ed at school, then chao-ed to oug to eat agian before we left for the stadium.. blardy hot weihss. went there saw ppl, ppl saw me.. then sat down to see the cheerleaders routines.. natt msged lun, went out to find natt and yiching.. konon-nya both of them couple.. its a SCANDAL lah dey.. natts with me okay.?? then we went in again saw more ppl and more ppl saw me.. watched them perform again, then went out to get some air then went back in again then went back out again then went out to makan bak-kut-teh.. (= credits to natt who chuntedly got our butts whacked on the way there.. she couldnt see the bums on the road.. -.- went back and we were in time to see the charm's junior perform.. yi ching had to go home at 4.30 on the way out, we thought we saw a bunch of malays dancing, but what we saw was wrong.. haha, they were fighting.. *bish bash bang* then suddenly some dude threw his bag down and took out a knife.. chun sial.. after that followed yiching to take the lrt back.. we nearly took the wrong train home..
yiching the "rempit" bremmm bremmmm vroooooomm (=

natta de coco.. hahaa.. (=
saturday 19, july 2008 went to a campfire thingy in school.. it was the last campfire for our school so they said it was gonna be really fun and all.. turned out, we had to pay 18 bucks to see all the scouts and girl guides play games.. i tell you all the performances was a turn off, the band sucked big time the popping and break dance was a turn off, almost everything sucked, only brian and victor's grouped rocked.. they were good.. really good, sexy and sedusive.. nothing much happened, other than me throwing bottles randomly just for fun.. hahaa.. if it hit you then sorry lah.. followed kapoh home.. THANKS kapoh.. (= but but harh, first time you tell your dad bout me lah huh!!

nothing we do will change anything, nothing u do will change anything... the only thing u can do is, stand tall walk forward and remember never look back...dont worry, u got us.. and we'll never choose someone else over you.. u got us..

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