Sunday, December 27, 2009

if nothing lasts forever, would you be my "nothing"..? <3

blogs dead, but Mandy asked me to post something up cause she says ppl still read it.. happy to hear that.. :D

its been bout 5 months already, since i had the feeling.. and after that 5 months of envying, stoning and bluring, my hopes and dreams came true.. :D

first with the so-called-plastic ring,

to the micey,

then with the stolen monkey,

MANY MORE in between,

and finally, its here..

the girl in my dreams, LITERALLY..

Michelle Leng<3
i'm not so good with words, but she's different and she gives me the kinda feeling that makes me complete.. :D

**scratching my head, thinking of words to type..**

i've got nothing.. >.<

but but,

the new addition to the family.. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3u

1 comment:

Michelle/Michy said...

Definitely people still read it. ppl like me. haha. was thinking of renovating yr blog yesterday. wah so ngam i come in here then got updates some more so touching:D
<3 daddy/baby/watever name. still <3<3 you.