Monday, December 28, 2009

Boo (:

hey daddy!


I was sort of hmm hand itchy! So I renovated your blog a little. hmm don't dare to change all of it.
I dah put up 2 pictures at the side bar. so whenever I come in here I get to see all my babies pics at the side :D

HOI! don't come and give me all the sad sad emoticon ! *bite*

There are times you might not able to go out but it doesn't really matter! Don't need to feel bad because the time we spend is like short? (: cant be with me but doink I'm like everywhere! so wherever you are I'm like always around you! :D Told you I should get a doll that looks like me and the same size! :b But the doll special a bit, can throw around and super light and can't mati! :D

so smile smile! POKE!

OINT! 2010 gonna be a better year! remember that! Is like in few days time! awesome much.
Till then,


Micey, Greeny, monkey and Wifey
(all end with"y")

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benedict lim said...

love you too mummy <3 "y" gang, and you're the boss gangster... =D