Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Camping (=

an update for those of you who STILL read my blog..

went for a camping trip at Dusun Eco Resort with the librarians in my school..

the camp was fun, the only thing that sucked was the young, silver spoon-fed librarians.. lol.. not overrating it but, some of the campers were practically like:

"eee, why do we have to clean our dishes.. ask the maids to do it lah"
"eee, so oily.. dont wanna wash lah..."
& plenty more...

haha.. anyways, overall it was fun.. feast your eyes on the pictures.. BYE BYE, cheers!! (=
The 1st Day


building our bamboo raft.. NOTE** as u can see that teacher at the back was just merely looking at me and michelle building the raft.. it was for the both of us!!

then, as u can see over here, she's on the raft, even before michy gets on.. lol.. i'm happy.. see my face!! (=

on the way to the Night Walk which was super fun and spooky..

The 2nd Day

morning excercise lead by yours truly.. (=

treasure hunt/amazing race...

obstacle course

my perfectly bbq-ed lambs.. YUMMMMMAYY!!

The 3rd Day

paintball.. haha.. had fun shooting them prince and princesses!

The End

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