Saturday, May 3, 2008

sports day

sports day was a real bummer, especially for u pathetic naive ungu ppl.. seriously pissed, u know why.? cause they took me off the 4x100 relay team and slotted in a black piece of fried hindu chicken.. the fella is fucking hopeless for gods sakes.. fucking stressed, and to the captain, FUCK YOUR INSIGNIFICANT DICK, you bloody useless piehole.. show your fucking power lah, asshead.. you know why i screwing him.? cause he told me that i'm running for ungu, and he gave me the number and the day before sports day, he was reminding me that i was running, and on sports day, he tells me i'm not running cause some fried hindu shit wanted to run.. wtfuckness lah.. and andd shih xuan and nen lin were marching today.. LAUGH OUT LOUD.. lol.. just kidding lah, they were good.. (=

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