Saturday, April 19, 2008

the making of "THE PRESENT OF THE YEAR"

the making of
by : kapoh, weilun ,yichin, hweeling and me

kap, lun, chin came over to my house that friday and ditched SHIHXUAN in school.. lol, we ditched her!! but for a good cause.. we wanted to make her, her birthday present.. kapoh was "ze boss fer ze day", cause she's the only one who can make the masterpiece look like a masterpiece.. right kapoh.??

arranging the picturess..ze family picture..

the "loser"

chin and lun went swimming while me and kapoh finished of the masterpiece..

finishito, magnificinto..

that wasn't it, lun dropped me, kapoh, and chin in seksyen 14 to get the pictures framed up.. and kapoh is currently the most "ngim chim" form 4 girl.. lol.. it took her like 15 minutes minutes just to choose a frame.. anyway its not her fault for being so ngim chim, we had to stick to our so called budget.. lol.. but what counts the most is that it comes from our hearts.. lol..

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