Wednesday, March 19, 2008

cause i got you, i need nothing, i dont need cars...

have u seen a BAHASA MELAYU teacher repeatting the word "okay" for more than 50++ times in 30 minutes.?? haha.. i have, i pratically counted how many times she said the word "okay", until she got pissed and threatened to send me to the discipline teacher.. everyone was laughing at her.. cause its like after every one sentence, she starts with "okay, ......." its damn freaking anoyying.. plus she looks like those ppl from the movie "PLANET OF THE APES".. celaka betul!!! imagine if she goes to six classes for like 4-5hours aday.. she'll be saying "okay" like 200-300 times.. and when she is at home, it'll be more..

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Rin said...

Is she pn chia? Shes my bm teacher and one fine day I actually counted how many times she said 'okay'.

1 Period- 60+ 'okay'
2 periods- 120+ 'okay'

she always says 'okay baik okay.'/
'okay kamu boleh cakap okay erm okay.'/...okay..okay...'

weird lady. @.@